Well, here we are...

I think she's in trouble.

Well that was interesting. Hungry?

Hello delicious child...

Well would you look at that...


Bayou Queen Clan
Clan Sobek

You are of the Clan Sobek. Powerful and progressive yours is a dynamic family of warriors and craftsmen. Though until recently your family was considered a shadow of your former selves, thanks to your new queen you are on the rise once more. Clan Book: Rise of the Bayou Queen
Clan Coypu

Welcome cousin! You are in Clan Coypu. Sit yourself down... no wait, not there, that's where old nana sits, ...there you go. Ease up a spell. We ain't got much, but it's family that counts and that we have a lots in. You play music? Dance? You will soon cousin, it's how we do. Day's are hard and but better with music, you'll see. What? You already knew? That's a good thing then eat up while can it ain't fancy but it's hot and there's enough for you. We'll make sure of that. Clan Book: Arcadia's Dance
Clan Purceil

Well this is surprising... surprising and interesting... very. You are in clan Purceil, there are so few of us it's rare to find a new one. Powerful and enigmatic we are the heads of most matters of import within the city and own much of the land outside. An ancient line with roots that go back to the founding of Lucian itself. You are a rare find and we have plans for you, complex and yes... mysterious plans.
Clan Pelesky

Fair skys cousin. We are the Pelesky keepers of ground and sky. Ours is the right to call the wind and feel it's call in turn. We are peace. We are fecundity. We are the tempest. Fear us and love us always. Clan Story: Loam and Lightning

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