Part 1: Rise of The Bayou Queen

Sassy exits the Bayou, covered in scars, and dying. Taken in by the family at Hilltop she learns that living can be more than pain. Her new life galls to tatters when she discovers her mother still lives and the Gaunt Man wants Sassy back in the Menagerie. Meeting her mother and learning her own name she teeters between a new life with Jack, the man she loves, or freeing her mother from the confines of the Gaunt Man’s Zoo before her imminent death. Sassy will need to navigate a world filled with shape-shifting families, power hungry monsters, and highly fashionable society, by pulling on the deep magic of the Bayou to restore the balance the Menagerie broke.

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Part 2: Becoming The Bayou Queen

Sassy’s name may have changed to Lady Mina Sobek, but she is still determined to rescue her mother from the Gaunt Man’s menagerie of horrors.
Thrown into ever-deepening social waters, she must wade through the intrigues between the other shapeshifting clans in Lusian City. Her family, the gators, have other plans which will haul them from the bayou backwaters and into the light. Seeing Jack of Hilltop tugs at the few dreams she wove for herself and Mina must choose to confess her love or let him go, both options may get him killed. 
Joss, the charismatic Lord of the Ophidian clan, offers guidance, magical knowledge, and other secrets he keeps for himself. He might be a better match, but it’s up to Lady Mina to discover if he is a better man. Freeing her mother hinges on the elusive Lady Melusine, the only person who understands the Menageries and the identity of The Gaunt Man. The high-society debutant has no interest in putting her own skin on the line unless Lady Mina talks fast enough.

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Part 3: The Love of A Bayou Queen

Ruling a shape-changing clan of gators is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, there’s money, there’s fashion, there’s food, but there isn’t everything a girl needs. Lady Mina Sobek needs an army and a commitment from the love of her life. 
Scraping together an army from the mysterious founding families will lead Mina into magics she doesn’t understand, treaties she is ill-equipped to negotiate, and back into her history. 
Having grown up under the torturous care of the Gaunt Man in his twisted menagerie, she is no stranger to pain. Visiting the worst days of her life will allow her army to know the enemy they face, but can she experience it all over again without losing her mind? Mina will sail on the waves of the great bayou magic and decide once and for all what she wants in her future. Love, power, and alliances will lead to the final battle to free the Bayou’s magic.

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Part 4: Battle to Raise A Bayou Queen

Deep in the Bayou, a twisted man keeps monsters locked in muddy pits, among them is Pim Sobek. Mina’s mother is dying and Mina will mount an attack racing the clock to keep her mother in human skin. Joining the forces of the greatest families, and facing the thing they all fear, the Sobek house will move against the terror of the Bayou. The Ormr Shesha has killed many families and debilitated others, but he isn’t the strongest magic in the mire. With the Bayou King, god of the deep magic, the city will face down the Shesha clan and all its twisted sons.
Bullets, poison, magic, and gods rage through the muddy waters in this battle to free not only the Queen of the Gators but also the monsters the menagerie keeps trapped. Will freeing it kill all the people of Hilltop, Clan Sobek, and their allies, leaving Lusian City to machinery and progress? Mina must save the good and kill the bad if she is to have a chance at the life she is just beginning to claim.

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Hunting the Bayou King: A Bayou Queen Adventure

Edwyn is a retired soldier seeking peace and relaxation with his uncle in the city of Lausian. However, he shall find neither when his uncle’s ambitions set him on a collision course with a beautiful woman, a dark gaunt figure, and the god of the entire bayou. From soaring heights to mired depths, Edwyn will fight not only to survive, but to overcome the pervasive darkness that resides in the heart of the swamp. In Hunting the Bayou King, the only escape is to fight.

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Loam and Lightning: Bayou Queen Adventure 6

The Lord of Lightning, King of the Pelesky Clan, is fallen. Without him, the weather around Lusian City is drowning the crops and the people. Grey skies, unpredictable rains, and rising swamp waters threaten to reclaim not only the outlying farms to the bayou, but the city herself.

His wife, Marloen, and daughter, Neerie, bereft of his aid struggle to keep the family farm from seizure by industrial manufacturers who would rather see the city drown than be healed by magic. The Clan who stole the Lord of Lightening keep him locked in a menagerie out of his family’s reach where he is slowly dying. The Shesha clan couldn’t be happier with the resultant chaos, they in fact would love nothing more than to capture Neerie too.

Neerie is scared of everything, but most especially the power that only crackles in her veins when her father is near. If she cannot save him or master her powers, the city will crumble under the dark machinations of Clan Shesha.

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