Eden’s Outcast Series

“If at first you don’t succeed, Die, Die, Again.”

Lilith just can’t seem to get the hang of living. As an ungainly immortal she has died and come back to life more times than she cares to admit, or remember. When she dies she forgets, except if she has it written down in her journal bound in dragon skin that preserves her memories. During an attempt to escape a nasty pack of acid drooling dog-lizard rejects she makes a new friend, John. Who helps save her hide, but in return will she be able to save his? Lilith is up against all sorts of supernatural nasties, an obsessed ex-lover she can’t remember. A love interest who has a fatal interest in John, and worst of all herself.

Praise for Eden’s Outcast
Kuta Marler weaves a fascinating and nuanced tale of angelic and demonic beings that combines, humor, horror and romance. She is an amazing writer.”
-Melinda M. Snodgrass, Wild Cards Series

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Spencer Gibbs is a local repairman doing a favor for his neighbor in fixing her old 1950’s Kelvinator fridge. Opening the fridge leads to all sorts of horrors spilling out into the world.
The Fridge of Unspeakable Horrors is a Novella 1 set in the world of Kuta Marler’s Eden’s Outcast Lost Chapters.
How to Train your Hodag takes on the challenging questions of what to do with a creature from folklore that refuse to be potty trained. This is Novella 2 in the Eden’s Outcast Lost Chapters.
John the hapless human and Connor Chieftan of the Autumn Fae Clan take on this adventure in American Fork Utah. As they deal with the Wisconsin Hodag.
All Eli wants is a holiday. Not all that unreasonable to want to get away from monsters and a boss that always has one more task for him to do.
A simple assignment killing obsidian squirrels in the woods is all that stands in his way.
Eden’s Outcast Lost Chapters Novella 3
A bored angel, the mother of monsters and a fairy clan on a trans-Atlantic voyage. What could possibly go wrong? In this delightful treat join the characters of Eden’s Outcast as they move to America.
Angel on the Rocks is Novella 4 in Eden’s Outcast the Lost Chapters
After leaving Gabe stranded on an iceberg in ‘Angel on the Rocks’ Zech must now figure out what to do with the remainder of his time at sea as they head to the Americas.
No better time to try and rekindle his romance with Lilith the Mother of Monsters and deal with the meddlesome fairy clan.
The Leviathan’s Waltz is Novella 5 in Eden’s Outcast Lost Chapters
Puck is the King of the Summer Clan. Shakespeare had the nerve to demote him to errand boy in that damn play. But that’s the least of his worries. The love of his life and her family are locked into a contract with Lilith the Mother of all monsters, who refuses to stay dead. Back home Mab is weaving a web to take over all four seasons and the fairy realm. He’s only got to figure out how to fix it all.
Goodnight Bones is Novella 6 in Eden’s Outcast the Lost Chapters